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Latthe Education Society

Annasaheb Keeping in mind the noble objective of social revival and to generate the importance of good culture, self reliance, the feeling of nationality and national integrity in the mind of people through education in post Independent India, Latthe Education Society was established on June 13th 1951.
The late Annasaheb Latthe had already acquired a social, intellectual and political recognition in his own lifetime. He had made his name as a renowned lecturer in English while teaching in the Rajaram College, Kolhapur. In those days, he was also well known in Maharashtra as an efficient Diwan of Kolhapur Sansthan and the first Finance Minister of the erstwhile Mumbai State. He realised the importance of education for the upliftment of Bahujan Samaj and did a lot for the all round development of that section of society.
Hence an attempt was made to immortalize his memory for the devotion he did for the development of Bahujan Samaj in a concrete form; the Latthe Education Society was established after his name. The grand task of imparting education by the society began in the year 1952. At present there are near about 34 educational institutions run by the Sanstha in the States of Maharashtra & Karnataka.
These include a Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools,one technical Institute, one Junior College of Education for women, Colleges for women, Women’s hostel, Night College, Law College and Arts, Commerce and Science College, Ayurvedic Medical College, Agricultural Polytechnic etc which are imparting education incessantly. Post\graduation centres attached to Degree Colleges in the faculties of Arts, Commerce and Law are also run by the Society.


The Latthe Education Society has adopted the three basic rules of Jain Philosophy as the motto of the society, in order to carry forward the holy mission of disseminating the education. Vardhaman Mahavir, in his philosophy, has preached five precepts of behavior.
As it was difficult for the common man to observe these precepts (vows), he laid down some basic rules of conduct. These basic rules are called as tri-ratnas. (The Three Jewels). For him, true faith is the faith in proper Behaviour-Samyak Charitrya-to have this kind of faith is the right Philosophy-Samyak Darshan. And the proper understanding of these two i.e. Samyak Charitry and Samyak Darshan is the Right Knowledge-Samyak Dnyan.
The LES aims to bring up the students who have scientific attitude, faith in eternal Values like truth, Non-Violence, Equality, Fraternity and Compassion and who are free from superstition. The society aims at imparting the kind of knowledge which inculcates the prime philosophy and preaches to have deep faith in proper behavior. The society believes that, acquiring these three basic rules is like possessing most valuable jewels of life. With this moral background and with the aim of the value based education, the L. E. society is established to provide traditional, modern and professional education from K. G. To P. G for needy students.

LES Office Bearers :

Sr. No.



1 Shri. Shantinath Gundappa Kante Chairman
2 Adv. P. R. Patil Vice-Chairman
3 Shri. S.B. Patil Hon. Secretary
4 Shri. Ashok Patil Treasurer